2019 The Year of the Vegan

The year of the vegan

As part of The World in 2019, an annual magazine published by The Economist that forecasts — from politics and the economy to culture and technology — what is to come in 2019, John Parker, correspondent for The Economist, predicts that 2019 will be the year of the vegan.

In “The year of the vegan,” Parker explains that while veganism has been a minority within a minority for the past half-century, 2019 will be the year it goes mainstream. “Interest in a way of life in which people eschew not just meat and leather, but all animal products including eggs, wool and silk, is soaring, especially among millennials,” he notes.

Where millennials lead, businesses and governments will follow. Read the entire piece here.

The World in 2019 is on newsstands now and can be found on and within The Economist app.

Illustration: Nick Lowndes

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