Eat Plants Not Animals T-Shirt

Eat Plants Not Animals t shirt top

This “Eat Plants Not Animals” t-shirt is the perfect shirt for any vegan, animal rights activist, or plant-based person who is passionate about spreading the vegan lifestyle. Show up in style to any protest, rally, awkward Thanksgiving dinner, generally awkward family dinner, or to remind your friends you don’t eat animals. Classic design makes this a perfect tee for any…

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Can Diabetes, Arthritis and Cancer Be Reversed? Eat Real to Heal

Eat Real to Heal food

By Nicolette Richer Beat cancer and other diseases by changing your diet: If you want to feel active, clear-minded. and strong enough to fight off disease, it all starts with the food you put into your body. Eat Real to Heal shows you the organic, plant-based foods you should be eating. Focusing on diet, nutrition, and meditation, this book teaches you how to…

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Juiceman Express Whole Juicer

juiceman express whole juicer

Compact and powerful, the Juiceman® Express Whole Juicer crushes fruit and veggies into delicious nutrient-packed juices! Combine those juices with your favorite protein powders, or other nutritious add-ins and you’re left with a smooth, creamy blend with a healthy blast of vitamins! Juicing begins as soon as you twist the juicing cup into place on the motor base, giving you…

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